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  • eFluid VAS 531 011

    The solution for servicing
    the cooling systems in electric vehicles

eFluid VAS 531 011

The solution for servicing the cooling systems in electric vehicles

The use of electric cars is continuously increasing. These vehicles are equipped with highly technological components: just think of the ​battery pack​, the ​inverter and the ​motor​, three elements that act as the heart and brain. To operate correctly and avoid being damaged, they must constantly dissipate the high amount of heat produced.
This is where the cooling system​ comes into play: a much more complex and extended structure, compared to a traditional combustion engine, which allows the circulation of up to 20 litres of water-glycol mixture​. Whenever a maintenance operation is required on at least one of the above-mentioned components, the system must necessarily be emptied, as required by the manufacturer, and then refilled with new coolant fluid.

This procedure is essential in order not to damage any of the delicate components involved. 

​For this type of operations, an “ad hoc” solution did not exist yet.​

TEXA was the first to design and develop eFLUID​VAS 531 011​, an innovative tool, specifically designed for the technicians of the Volkswagen Group workshop network. It considerably simplifies work, as it allows carrying out ​completely automatic​ maintenance services on the ​cooling systems of​electric vehicles​.

​However, eFLUID can also be used to carry out maintenance services on endothermic engines.

What eFLUID VAS 531 011 can do

eFLUID VAS 531 011 can complete the following operations automatically and in total safety:

  • draining the fluid and emptying the cooling circuit;
  • flushing with compressed air to eliminate any residues;
  • checking the hydraulic seal through pressure and vacuum tests;
  • recharging the system with new fluid.

How it works

Using eFLUID VAS 531 011 is extremely easy. Just connect it to the coolant fluid expansion tank using the service hose it is equipped with, and then position and raise the vehicle on the workshop's lift. The operator can easily move the equipment, thanks to the practical castors it is equipped with, and position the telescopic funnel under the discharge plug, starting to drain the water-glycol mixture by gravity. This procedure is completed and enhanced by the function that allows eliminating any possible residues by flushing the system: blowing compressed air into the expansion tank and spreading it uniformly inside the pipes.

After emptying the system completely, the operator can repair the vehicle, disconnecting one or more high-voltage system components.
Once the operation is complete, and before filling the circuit with new fluid, it is essential to check that the hydraulic part is perfectly working, with two tests, that eFLUID VAS 531 011 of course allows you to perform: the leak test and the vacuum test. The first is carried out by blowing pressurised air into the pipes, the second by generating a high vacuum, to rule out any presence of air bubbles which may compromise the proper operation of the powertrain.

After successfully completing both checks, the system can be filled with the amount of new fluid required for that specific vehicle, as established by the manufacturer and clearly indicated by the software in eFLUID VAS 531 011. The old coolant fluid must be emptied in the workshop's collection point instead.

A dedicated software to manage every operation

The eFLUID ​VAS 531 011 ​stations are equipped with an SD CARD containing the ​dedicated software​, developed to easily complete all the necessary functions for the discharge, testing, and charge services of coolant fluid in electric vehicles.​

Through the colour display, it provides ​all the necessary indications to perform the various operations​ and warns about any incorrect procedures in real time.​

​The software can be updated via the SD CARD, where the data of each service performed will also be automatically stored.


  • Double stage vacuum pump
  • Flexible hose length 7 metres 
  • 2 tanks to contain the old and new fluid, 28 litres each
  • 2 digital scales
  • 5.7-inch colour display
  • High-precision vacuum sensor
  • 4 castors
  • External case with IP 41 protection level
  • Telescopic funnel.